Handle all your Personal,
Private, Social or Business
Communications from your
ONE mobile Phone

One Mobile Phone - Many numbers

Add additional phone numbers to your one mobile phone. Make and Receive calls from any of your phone numbers. Use different phone numbers for various parts of your life; Social, Dating, Items4Sale, Work… keep your personal number private.

Keep all your Work &
Personal life separate

Designed to work in harmony on one mobile phone

Continue making private calls via your mobile SIM and all other calls via Tizyo. Easily separate contacts in to respective groups. One clear bill for all your non-private calls.

Use your business
land line numbers
on your mobile

Stay professional and never miss a call with a fixed line number

Add additional phone numbers to your one mobile phone. Make and receive calls from any of your phone numbers.

Add an existing number or buy a new one from any city in over 50 countries.

simple design
and ease of use

Everything you need in the palm of your hand

Up and running in less than 60 seconds. No need to change handset, mobile number or operator. No account settings, emails, passwords or pins required. Fully integrates into your current handset and contacts with ease.

Crystal clear call
quality every time

Every call is important and the quality should be too

No matter where you are or who you are calling keeping in touch has never been easier.
Fantastic GSM mobile quality calls for perfect connectivity and clarity even whilst on the move.

Amazing savings
for travellers

Hassle free communications wherever you are

Simply connect to Tizyo's VoIP service using local wifi or data connections or use a local low cost SIM card to continue calling at the lowest international call rates.
Enjoy FREE Tizyo to Tizyo VoIP calls for even more savings.

Simple intuitive design

Everything you need when you need it at the end of your fingertips

Know who is calling you and through which number before you answer.
Top up and manage your personal account right from your phone.
Manage your additional numbers and contacts without the need for third party support.